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Minimum order is 12 bottles, either as a whole or mixed case. Prices quoted are in Australian Dollars.

Delivery of wine will be two-three weeks from the time an online order is placed, however given the current COVID-19 situation in Singapore, there may be some delays with delivery of wine.

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2017 Prelude Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon
$52.50 each
2017 Cabernet Sauvignon Leeuwin Estate 2017 Prelude Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon
Fine and delicately structured palate featuring boysenberries, blackcurrants and plums.
2020 Art Series Riesling
$39 each
2020 Riesling 2020 Art Series Riesling
Vitality and clarity on the palate, cut limes and lemons are threaded throughout. It is finely textured, giving delicate dimension combining with a mineral acid structure, leading to a talc finish.
Art Series Cabernet Sauvignon 2017
$68 each
2017 Cabernet Sauvignon Art Series Cabernet Sauvignon 2017
Full of energy and vitality with elegant shape and frame, again black and blue fruits dominate the palate. There is dimension, drive, and penetration to the finish.
Art Series Chardonnay 2018
$100 each
2018 Chardonnay Art Series Chardonnay 2018
Penetration and drive with incredible shape and frame on the palate. The symmetry of layers, contours and overall balance is precise.
Art Series Sauvignon Blanc 2019
$56.50 each
2019 Sauvignon Blanc Art Series Sauvignon Blanc 2019
Vibrant and concentrated palate with grapefruit, lime curd and custard apple at the forefront. Layered and textural mid palate leads to a thread of oyster shell and subtle oak spice, towards a talc like acid finish.
Art Series Shiraz 2018
$52.60 each
2018 Shiraz Leeuwin Estate Art Series Shiraz 2018
Capacity, dimension and texture outline the palate. A matrix of blueberries and redcurrants feature through a background of dark chocolate, cracked coffee bean and tobacco. There is overall energy on the palate highlighted by a vibrant and youthful acid line, finishing with structural chalky tannins.
Leeuwin Estate Brut 2018
$48.33 each
2018 Sparkling Wine Leeuwin Estate Brut 2018
Energy and vitality is evident on the palate. It is delicate and fine, underpinned with cut lime, lemon sherbet and pear. There is a beautiful thread of oyster shell and quartz throughout. The bead is fine again, which works in symmetry to the fore mentioned and overall balance.
Prelude Vineyards Chardonnay 2020
$52 each
2020 Chardonnay Prelude Vineyards Chardonnay 2020
A vibrant and ethereal palate - great direction with shape and frame. Energetic and lively citrus fruits meets saline acidity. Gentle nuances of hazelnut, and sweet spice add a complementary layer and contour to the palate.
Siblings Sauvignon Blanc 2021
$35.58 each
2021 Sauvignon Blanc Siblings Sauvignon Blanc 2021
Finger limes, grapefruit, guava and blackcurrants are the pilot behind the palate. Textural, layered and woven mid palate gives gentle capacity, with refreshing sherbet-like acidity. Youthful, playful and energetic.